With, not for… Bob works with clients not for clients.


First, because he respects your knowledge of your business and doesn’t

pretend to know more about it than you do, compete with you. In fact, 

Bob says his greatest asset is his ignorance of your business - he’s not in 

your box - he’s in a different box, with a different perspective.


Second, it’s more productive. As you and/or your people work with Bob, 

you’re contributing ands assimilating the process and the decisions en route, 

not requiring buy-in and training afterwards. Furthermore it doesn’t create 

a dependency on the consultant.


So if you’re looking for an omniscient “expert”, you’ve landed at the wrong site.


Informal Bob doesn’t wear suits or ties - as a matter of fact he doesn’t have

any. Formal attire tends to be a constraint, an intellectual mindset... that tends 

to lock one into a box. So he encourages loose, comfortable clothing 

and an informal environment. 


Alone He works alone - very low overhead, with you and/or your people. 


Oh, and Terpsichore and Persephone, his sources of inspiration.